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Published On: February 18, 2018 01:30 PM NPT By: Manoj Gharti Magar

B-boying craze in Pokhara

B-boying  craze in Pokhara

POKHARA, Feb 18: Dance is a form of art where dancers express themselves through their bodies. Life would have been boring in the absence of dance, music and art. They help a person briefly transcend into a world of happiness. Among many dance forms, Nepali youths these days are inclined to b-boying.

Dobin Pun Magar from Pokhara learned b-boying by watching videos on Youtube since 10 years. He cultivated an interest in the dance form after watching the powerful moves by the dancers. His passion and dedication to the dance form has made him the first professional b-boying dancer in Pokhara. Magar said, “B-boying is different from other dances. It takes strength and it is the combination of entertainment and athletics.” 

He performs at various cultural programs and exhibitions, which has helped him to sustain as a dancer. “I do shows in Pokhara, but I also visit other districts for the performance. I earn between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 per show. The demand for b-boying dancers at formal events is ever increasing in Pokhara and it is a good thing.”

Several groups of b-boying dancers are thriving in Pokhara of late. “Pokhara has become one of the hot spots for b-boying dancers. Though we don’t have any professional trainer here, most of the dancers have learnt through Youtube videos,” said dancer Sabin Gurung of Naughty Knockers Crew from Ram Bazar.

Meanwhile, the Inter Sidekick Crew having 12 dancers and established four years ago is the first dance crew of Pokhara. Many youngsters followed the path after the crew’s establishment. “B-boying is a mixture of dance and martial arts. It is not only entertaining but also good for your health,” said 19-year-old dancer of Inter Sidekick Crew, Bibek Chaudhari.

Though the dance form is fun to watch, it is a difficult craft to learn and includes several risks for the dancers. Those who want to pursue b-boying need stamina, energy and determination, as well as maintain good health. Indeed, b-boying can not only is not get you name and fame but also good health.

The Dance Diet Nutrition Tips for BBoys and BGirls

Health and nutrition is important for bboys and bgirls. Even though bboying is considered by most to be an art before it is a sport, it has a huge athletic element in which fitness is very important. Diet plays a key role in this. A good bboy or bgirl needs to be strong – so they need enough protein to grow and repair muscle. A good bboy or bgirl needs to avoid excess weight – which can make moves more difficult and puts more strain on joints. For this reason they need to eat good quality fats and avoid poor quality fats and refined sugars. A good bboy or bgirl needs enough energy to practice every day – so they need to eat good quality carbohydrates to replenish their bodies’ energy stores. A good bboy or bgirl needs their body and mind to recover quickly after training, so they need more vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than a non-active person. Here are some tips to start getting your dance diet together:

Stay away from refined sugar: As it will cause an energy spike (and corresponding energy low) an cause your body to put on weight. Double pronged attack! Instead, use unrefined (brown) sugar, honey or maple syrup for sweetness.

Eat good quality carbohydrates: Stay away from whitened or bleached carbohydrates such as white bread and white pasta. Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and spinach

Eat smaller meals, more frequently: This allows your body to digest it more fully. This is especially important before training, as eating a big meal will make training a lot harder!

Never miss breakfast – and eat a decent sized one: Eating a good-sized, good quality breakfast gets your metabolism going for the day. This means you’ll have more energy, and your body will burn more fat. Conversely, missing breakfast or having a tiny one (like a bowl of cereal) will tell your body that you’re starving, and that it should conserve energy by storing extra fat.

Drink plenty of water: Among the benefits include increased flexibility and strength, decreased risk of muscle damage during training, better digestion, and a host of other non-dance related benefits like clearer skin. Some studies show a decrease of up to 40 percent in performance with just mild dehydration.

Get enough protein – found in meat, fish and eggs. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s also a lot in nuts, cheese and soya.  Get good quality fats – also in (unprocessed) meat, avocadoes, et cetera. 

(Note: The diet tips above are not meant for losing weight, but maintaining a good balance of nutrition for an active dancer. You may find that following these tips does help you reduce weight.)


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