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Poudel is studying in BSc IInd year at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Ghantaghar.

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Published On: April 17, 2018 08:14 AM NPT By: Manish Poudel

Attitude matters for quality education

Attitude matters for quality education

Somebody recently asked me about my studies. When I replied, “I study in Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus,” I could see the instant cringe on his face. 

I have often noticed that the three words, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, are enough to immediately generate negative thoughts in one’s mind about education. The reason behind it is perhaps because the college is perceived as a place where students are too involved in politics and they often enter into brawls. Along with that, the college runs in outdated buildings, the furniture are old, and the garden unattended.

However, these things don’t matter to a student who is really interested in education, and who craves for knowledge. I can proudly say that one can get quality education here at Tri-Chandra, if one is really looking for it. And there are evidences of students from Tri-Chandra being awarded gold medals, topping the Tribhuvan University examinations.

Probably, Tri-Chandra was built for the scion of elite members when it was established during the Rana regime. Now, thousands of students from different parts of country enroll here, and they pay very reasonable fees compared to private colleges in Kathmandu. At the campus, everyone is equal and there is no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender, et cetera.

It would be unfair to judge the quality of education provided in the college because it depends on the attitude of students whether they are willing to learn or not. Their attitude towards education can lead them either to the path of a secure future or to an uncertain fate. So the student should clearly understand the purpose of going to college and work diligently, following one’s interest. Regardless of people’s prejudices against government colleges, it is very much possible that real talents can grow out of here.


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