Swastee Regmi

The author is an AS Level student at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu.

Published On: October 9, 2022 03:00 PM NPT By: Swastee Regmi

As a joke, you use your cell phone to dial your own number. Someone picks up.

As a joke, you use your cell phone to dial your own number. Someone picks up.

Boredom leads to the most innovative ideas and creations. Robert, a 17 year old child is the topic of discussion today. He was always bored. He was a space enthusiast and spent hours in his room trying to complete his ‘secret project’.
He was, though, found dead in a sea-shore far from the main city, where he lived. The cause of his death is yet unknown but there is one famous theory behind what could have happened, deduced from his call records.

The last call that Robert had made was to himself. Shocking right?. All the police and investigators involved in Robert’s case were stunned too. Especially because the call had lasted for about ten entire minutes. 

Robert was a happy child. He did well in school which is why his parents had recently allowed him a phone, with an actual number of his own. He was happy and used to spend a lot of time calling his friends and chatting around. The parents were distressed. Maybe they had made a mistake by giving his phone to him. They decided that they would do something about it. 

They went out to look for a phone that would only operate the useful apps and never would allow calls to more than one number. They’d heard about this phone for a while but thought that it was too expensive and only one was available so it would be finished by the time they collected enough money and would be too restrictive on him but they had no choice now. 

His phone was in the sitting room until the day before his disappearance, but it disappeared sometime before he did. Why Robert called himself was cleared when they got the new phone that was exchanged by his parents. The only number available to call was his own. And the only other thing that was visible on the phone was a small clip of Robert smiling and waving but where he was didn’t look like where they were.

Upon questioning the shop owner who sold them the new phone, some surprising details came out. Robert himself gave the phone to him and told him to keep it safe and only sell it to his parents when they would come to buy it. 

While there was no possible evidence, with the brain and skills that Robert had and his interests in space, and his ‘project’ he was working on, it was concluded that he had successfully left Earth and that he would never come back. 

After several years, the clip of Robert waving disappeared and the screen turned all black. That was when it was decided that Robert was no more.

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