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Published On: April 26, 2019 02:06 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

​Artistic expression of existentialism on display

​Artistic expression of existentialism on display

Photo Courtesy: Mcube Gallery

Every time there is an exhibition at Mcube Gallery; everyone is welcomed with a warm smile and a cup of tea - black cinnamon tea by artist/curator Manish Lal Shrestha who also owns the gallery. This time, a group art exhibition 'Chha' is on display at the gallery at Chakkupat, Patan. It kicked off on April 15.

It always feels homely and welcoming here. Besides exhibition, this is also a place where the gallery's ambience gives visitors a chance to start a conversation and exchange their stories and ideas as well. And the ongoing exhibition also tells stories of being a human, existence of humans and how humans’ existence is dominated by their socio-cultural and natural aspects. Though all artists in the exhibition are narrating the story of human existence, each artist depicts it in their own unique way making the exhibition a platform to know how artistic expression for the same theme varies from one another.

The exhibition features artists Manish Lal Shrestha, Sushma Shakya, Bidhata KC, Sandhya Silwal, Kapil Dixit and Jupiter Pradhan. In the exhibition, one can witness drawings, prints, installation, painting and video displayed in such a way where each art work gets full attention of the viewers. Though its area is 350 Sq ft, the curator has managed to display huge installations as well.

Silwal's 8 ft x 8 ft paper cutout 'Divine' is one of the installations in the exhibition. She has used black and white paper where an elderly woman is the center of her artwork and the background has different geometric patterns like triangles, curves, etc. This artwork is not only aesthetically pleasing but raises an important question “Where are younger generations heading to, leaving behind their elders and the country?”

According to Shrestha, this artwork is inspired by Sandhya’s experience in Dolkha. He shared, "Sandhya went for a project at Dolkha and the reality that this area did not have younger people, stroke her and she met this woman who inspired the artist. Here is the result of that thought process and contemplation about the situation."

As you go around the gallery, you cannot help but notice a synergy of black and white. It is not only Sandhya’s work, the color of yin and yang is visible but it is evident in Pradhan, Dixit and Shakya’s artwork too.

In the exhibition, Pradhan's installation 'Saving my Baby Girl' has used a white square board, black soldiers and a white soldier carrying a baby in a basket. The white soldier carrying a baby in a basket is placed at the center of the board. And these solider symbolically represents the need of protecting the girl child in our society as many incidents are happening in our society that are unsafe for them.

Meanwhile, Shrestha, Dixit and Shakya’s artworks revolve around the concept of existentialism and dualism. Shrestha explored the emotions and characteristics that define male and female gender by the society. Through his installation, he is being vocal about not judging people on the basis of stereotypical gender characteristics. And Dixit’s nude drawings deals with every one being equal despite different body types. Shakya has narrated the need of four natural elements to create a being on this earth. Lastly, KC’s painting and installation deal with the shift in culture and way of living and how the modern way of living is deteriorating the authenticity of that area—Mustang.

Stories matters and these artists are voicing the stories that are very close to them and that touched their heart. And the exhibition which is the result of many layers of work process and they are in process to create a dialogue for the unjust happening in the society through their creative expressions.

And if you want to know more about their process of creating art, visit the gallery where the exhibition continues till Friday.




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