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Art should provoke emotion: Randy W Berry

Art should provoke emotion: Randy W Berry


It is said that art has no boundary and art can help you get solace. In addition, a piece of art can generate floods of emotions, if you can find some connection in it.

If you visit United States Ambassador to Nepal, Randy W Berry’s residence at Kamal Kunj, Kamaladi, you can vividly experience his connection of emotions with artworks placed there. Some of the artworks in his collection remind him of his home. These paintings reflect the Southwestern region of the United States. The themes and mediums of each painting are different.

One such painting is by self taught artist Harlan Donovan, who has painted clear blue sky, rocky mountain and barren land. According to Berry, the painting belongs to his parents and it was brought to his parent’s home when he was seven.

The exhibition ‘Art in Embassies Exhibition’, established in 1963, the US Department of State's Office of Art in Embassy has been playing an important role in the field of diplomatic public relations through temporary and permanent art exhibitions, artist affiliate programs and publications.

Moreover, Berry has chosen artists and art works that focuses on inspiration from the natural and cultural world of his childhood from the US state of Colorado among others.  According to him the exhibition is a celebration and bridge between cultures beyond language. There are four such pieces which affirms his statement.

Master Urgen Dorje lives and works in Boudha and is a traditional Thangka artist. The thangka painting, in the exhibition depicts Buddhist’s philosophy and he has painstakingly worked on the intricate details in it. And his son, also his student, artist Tsherin Sherpa who works and resides in Oakland, California has given modern forms to the traditional Buddhist motifs, showcasing the fusion of past and present. Similarly, Master of traditional art of repousse, Rabindra Shakya and American artist Maureen Drdak are also connected as teacher and student where Rabindra has used traditional form of metal work to create the mask of   Bhairav while Maureen using same traditional  methods has created modern metal work.         

Berry was appointed ambassador to Nepal on September 2018 and has been living in Nepal since October, 2018. For him art is deeply emotional and added, “I think art which doesn’t move you or doesn’t leave an impression or make or produce a reaction isn’t something that I’m interested in. In my personal collection, they have a personal resonance to me.”


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