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Art of Gifting

Art of Gifting

Although we all have just passed by the greatest festival of Hindus Dashain, we are still in the festive mood as other festivals are around the corner which is followed by the festival of colors and light Tihar and the other festivals like Christmas, New Year also the wedding seasons which gets started right from the month of Mangsir. In this regard, the art of gifting can play a vital role in making all our lives much more convenient than before. 

We live in the 21st century where the world has now become one small global village where we can easily communicate and be in touch with our closed ones with the help of the internet. But as everything has its own pros and cons, internet also has some. For instance, personal bonding with our closed ones have been decreasing day by day as we prefer to be in front of our PCs and in mobile phones more than in person.

Therefore, if we learn some useful tips to make our life much easier and happier, it will be more exciting than before. Gifting is not at all an easy task as there are huge varieties of gifts available in the market. So, choosing the right gift is what matters than choosing something big or expensive. Gifts should be useful, memorable and something that the receiver connects with. 

You must first know about the person’s personality traits, interest and preferences before you gift them something. Also, it should be relevant to the function, time, age group and theme. 
Gift are given with purity of heart and is not limited to obligation or formality. Your gifts show the love, care and respect that you have for the receiver. Gifts should make the receiver realize their importance in your life.

So here are some useful tips to enhance your of art of gifting and make your life much happier and easier in the upcoming days.

TO MOTHER: Gift your mother something that she will remember even if it is not tangible and is utterly indulgent such as spa treatment or a vacation with her girlfriends. But, do not gift her clothes or things that take a lot of effort to assemble.

TO FATHER: Keeping utility in mind, you can gift your father some gadgets like a mobile phone, leather purse, comfortable shoes. If you father is into sports, you can gift him golf gears, swimwear and chess accessories among other sporty stuff.

TO GRANDPARENTS: It is best to take your grandparents out for a dinner or a movie. You could also go for a walk with them every day or a week. Some handy gadgets like mobile phone or a music player so that they can use it in free time are also some preferred gifts. Most importantly, spend time with them, that’d be the greatest gift of all. But, remember to never gift them medical products or things that old people usually receive as gifts.

TO SIBLINGS: If you have siblings, always ask yourself what would make them happy. Spend time in buying gifts for they will always remember your gesture. Keep notes of their usual demands and go through the notes when you buy gifts for your siblings. 

TO CLOSE RELATIVES AND FRIENDS: Don’t buy similar types of gifts like saris in bulk except for wedding to gift the relatives because such kinds of gifts are never used repeatedly. For friends, don’t hesitate in spending money for quality items. 

TO ACQUAITANCES: Food that is especially homemade. This will make a great gift and could also work as an ice breaker. But, remember to never gift your acquaintances anything personal.

Tejaswi is a Post Graduate of Masters in Development Studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts.

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