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Are you wearing the right fragrance this season?

Are you wearing the right fragrance this season?

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It’s not just clothes and shoes that you should be changing with season. Wearing the right fragrance in right season is really important. When outfit, shoes and fragrance matches with the season, the perfect season look is complete. Here are a few fragrances for perfect monsoon day.

Citrusy fragrances are popular. Want to smell light, airy and like you just stepped out from the shower? Wear a citrus perfume. These fragrances have notes of orange, lemon, bergamot and patchouli and they work well to revive the senses.

Floral perfumes are light and meant to be worn in the daytime. These are inspired by flowers and usually are a blend of one or more of blooms. Opt for rose, lily, jasmine or lavender, for that romantic appeal.

Rich in their notes, oriental perfumes are a sensual choice that is apt for a party or dinner out. They come from exotic locations and have a mix of amber and musk. The perfumes have depth and are strong.

Earthy, woody scents are often worn by men. They start with lighter notes and go into a heavier fragrance. The perfumes are made with sandalwood, cedar and spices, and exude mystery and charm.

A few rules to follow when applying perfume
1.  Where to spray
 Always spray perfume onto dry skin on pulse points, preferably at the wrist, nape of the neck or behind the ears.

2.  Over-spraying
 Just spray on the perfume and let it adapt to the skin. Over-spraying may kill its natural notes. Also never rub it in.

3. Use it quickly
 Don’t let a perfume stagnate on the shelf. Use it quickly as oxygen breaks down its molecules and alters its notes.

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