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Published On: June 28, 2019 09:19 AM NPT By: Bina Adhikari

Are we depending on make-up?

Are we depending on make-up?

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Make-up simply means applying cosmetic products like lipstick, powder, eye liner, etc to enhance the appearance. In this glamorous world, it has become a very preferred medium to change the appearance of a person to impress others. Many products and technology related to cosmetics have been developed and have helped to provide contentment and confidence to carry out actions oriented to accomplish a goal. A lot of people in this era depend on using cosmetics for different occasions, from attending formal functions like meetings, seminars and workshops to doing informal activities like going on dates with their beloved ones. 

It seems to only have positive consequences like building confidence, impressing others and finding easy ways to achieve a target. People, however, know about its negative consequences like skin rashes, skin burns, pimples and sometimes we also come to hear about skin cancer. Teenagers, as well as matured men and women these days, are accustomed to using makeup while disregarding the cons that come with these products. It is also being used by children extensively who are unaware of its effects. Not only does it affect our health but it has also slowly emptied our pocket. Cosmetics are costly and not easily affordable but we still can’t control ourselves. To impress and look attractive, people are forgetting limits and are being exposed to the engraved danger that they’re unaware of.

Cosmetics might make us more confident, more dashing, and more beautiful and people even might give us a second glance but what we need to understand is that these things are temporary. Real beauty lies in our attitude and conduct. Human beings are insatiable, it’s in our nature and we can’t help it but we need to respect our creator. Instead of wasting money on these products, we can utilize it on creative works.


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