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Published On: September 8, 2019 06:30 PM NPT By: Sandeep Neupane

Anomaly of life

Anomaly of life

Problems, setbacks and failures, these are our daily costumers. Nobody can run away from them — from minor conflict in daily life to educational failure, even after you’re diligently persistent at your work. From career failures to loyal love, got blighted. These acrid setbacks just keep following us everywhere.

More you stare down to your setbacks, you'll find the hushed version of yourself. Your worship of success serve you well to achieve, to dream big, to abandon fear. It is the mindset which assists well until you've confronted into something from where there is no way out.

When it stops to assist then you are left distraught and agitated. That worship of success now starts to serve in negative way. You left to realize your own prosperity worship has failed you. Your personality, your hard work, your humor and your perspective begin to look insane.

Life is assembled with paper walls that even the trivial wave of air can destroy the footing of life. We all are one breath away from the setback which can detriment something irreplaceable or alter our life completely.

We live in the world where our deepest wish, efforts and hopes values nothing. We live in this culture whether we are religious or not, it is extremely difficult to avoid falling into the trap of virtue and success go hand on hand.

In reality, there is no easy co-relation between how hard you've tried and success that you've got. However, biggest myth of this world is good things happen to good people. If you're good, good things will always come back to you. Think positively, speak positively, nothing is impossible.

This myth can succor in very detrimental way in these scenarios and you start doubting on your goodness. In process of this, one can forget the reality that everybody has their own way for doing well. All behind this there is one solace part, "Everything happens for a reason".

We all love to hear that rationale, don't we? There is this hidden logic, concrete answer behind this seeming chaos. We all want formula that can foresee hard work will pay off. Whether our love, support and care will always make our partner happy and love us.

However, in between all of these obscure, we can relate to other people with same problem. Connected to other people, our own suffering reveals to us off others. We get connected to people who are also stumbling around in debris of dreams they thought they are entitled to. Even in the darkness there will be beauty and love.

The world is jolted by the events that are wonderful and terrible, gorgeous and tragic. These opposites do not cancel each other out. So, learn to live without assurances, without reasons and without counting the cost of living.

Life will break your heart. Life will take everything you have and everything you hoped for.  Life is so beautiful and life is yet so hard.

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