Published On: October 12, 2017 10:04 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Amalgamation of national and international artists

Amalgamation of national and international artists

A group art exhibition ‘Golden Horizons’ kicked off at Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal on Wednesday. The exhibition aims at initiating exchange of culture between India and Nepal through art.

The exhibition showcases works of various national as well as international artists that have worked on a variety of themes. The exhibit features five national artists and seven Indian artists, who have worked on the themes of modernization, self realization, nature and culture, among others.

Krishna Gopal Shrestha, one of the artists featured in the exhibition, has worked on the theme of heritage and has made a comparison between aging human beings and cultural heritages that have been neglected. About his painting Shrestha shared, “My art is basically all about old heritages, culture and religion that reflect our true identity. Many of our ancient monuments were destroyed and damaged due to the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. So I’m trying to preserve those heritages through my paintings as a form of documentation.” 

In one of his paintings, Shrestha has created an old woman and placed her parallel to a wooden door crafted beautifully with Newari motifs. He said, “All my paintings are acrylic because it is fast-drying and water resistance when it dries.”

The exhibition also features Indian artist Hariprasad BN and his works. In one of his artworks, BN has painted a woman clad in white and red checkered sari against a brown background using the technique of cubism. She is wearing an orange blouse and her body has been painted tale green.

However, even with the use of such vibrant colors, the painting gives a feeling of clam and pace. 
The works of Sarita Dongol, Sanjeet Maharjan, Sandaya Silwal, Krishna Gopal and Satya Shila Kasaju from Nepal and Ramesh Mothukuri, BN Hariprasad, Ravi R Kulkarni, Swati Mishra, Goverdhan K, Ketana Chaudhury and Ramkrisna Nayak from India are being showcased at the exhibition.

The exhibition will continue till October 15. 

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