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Published On: January 7, 2018 09:35 AM NPT By: Sujata Karki

All that I am

All that I am

Every now and then, a hope sneaks out
In the fragile heart of this loner

I’ve lost the belief that God
Hears my prayers
I wonder if he even
Understands my language
Though tirelessly, I speak out.
 This is not what I love
Only that I’ve adapted to this whole way
Weak and fearful that I am
Staying still, here I lay all day
Nothing left but to stare moon, count stars
Home for them, warm and welcoming
Home for me, this cold kennel
A barely fitting space, within iron bars.
 I have ceased to keep faith and understand
Love, isn’t it what they say they render?
For me, a plight, so damned
No one ever pats my head, let alone care
And while I shiver in this cold outside
Asleep in warm cozy beds, they are.

In their big hearts, not able to be in
Oh, but what am I so worth for?
Just an old animal, ugly and lean
I’m of no use now, bores them my cries
So my life, they’ve owned
So cruel with it they’ve been
Sneaking through these bars, sometimes I see
Lucky are those, in the street but free
Day are arduous, and all the same for me
I sit and sleep 
I pray and weep.
A hope sneaks out
Wish I could get a life
Not of their possession, but my own
Before I get into the forever sleep. 


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