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Aashish is an undergraduate student at Kathmandu Model College, Kathmandu.

Published On: August 21, 2017 10:11 AM NPT By: Aashish Basnyat

Aids and use of a condom

Aids and use of a condom

HIV/AIDS is a life threatening disease as its cure is still unavailable in the world. Millions of people in the world are affected by HIV/AIDS and Nepal is no exception.

Yet we ignore to talk about the disease and discriminate against those who are affected by the disease. We treat HIV positive people like they are cursed despite knowing that it is a just a disease. 

The main reasons for the spread of HIV/AIDS are unsafe sex and blood transfusion. The disease is fast spreading mostly in the underdeveloped countries because of the lack of sex education. The awareness efforts from the governmental and non-governmental organization have also been ineffective. The use of condoms is still rare in Nepal for most are shy to buy it and others are unaware of its use. 

Our society needs to change its perspective on sex and the use of condoms. Condoms prevent transmission by reducing the risk that an exposure to HIV or STDs occurs during sex. People should be encouraged to have safe sex. Sex should be taken as a biological need so that young people can talk about it and freely share their sexual problems with friends and family. 

However, incorrect use of condoms can even compromise their effectiveness, thereby increasing the risk of HIV and STD, even when they are used consistently. So, proper education is a must. 

Meanwhile, people infected with HIV/AIDS should come forward for treatment and proper healthcare without hesitation. This way, they can improve their chances for a healthy life, although for a limited period of time. HIV-infected people should be given extra care and attention instead of hatred. 


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