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Published On: June 25, 2018 07:42 AM NPT By: Satya Kumar Mahato

Adventure Tourism in Nepal

Adventure Tourism in Nepal

Though Nepal occupies only a minute space within Asia, its geographical diversity provides an ample of adventure possibilities.  The world recognizes Nepal for its vast array of natural resources, wildlife, flora and faunas, and the majestic snowcapped mountain-tops. The majority are allured by mountain activities or sports that are associated with mountaineering.

 Nepal has become a dream destination for adventure seekers who dream of scaling the Everest. Lighter forms of mountain adventures like hiking, or trekking along the mountain passes are also equally popular. 

Nepal’s cultural integrity, lush forest covered in flora and faunas, the rumbling rivers, etc. provides visitors to indulge in an activity of their choice. Moreover, people can also get the thrill from the aerial sport, paragliding, which is gaining much prominence amidst adventure seekers. Paragliding, along with the adventure, provides a picturesque view of the widespread mountain range.

 Also, due to the favorable geographical conditions in different trenches, mountain biking is considered ideal by many. Mountain bike tours are friendlier and more economical when it comes to exploring the diverse landscape of Nepal. Along with the quaint backdrop that nature has laid, cyclists can experience the welcoming culture, and traditions of Nepal bind together with peace and harmony. 

Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities that are found nowhere else. It is not only known for its adventurous settings but the Terai plains are equally famous for national parks that provide shelter to a number of endangered species of animals, birds, and plants. 

Visiting the Terai region has an assortment of surprises for the visitors.  Among many options, the jungle safari, and elephant ride gives a tour across the green forest. 

There’s also an option to experience the thrill that white water rafting in Koshi offers. For other adventure lovers, it is the hub to observe natural beauty residing on the laps of the Himalayas. 
Nepal has a huge potential in adventure tourism. Experiencing the outdoor activities gives a variant of options to the visitors. Though economically weak, Nepal is rich in diversity and natural beauty.

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