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Published On: June 23, 2018 07:23 AM NPT By: Aditya Neupane and Kiran Lama

Adorned in summer-monsoon fashion

Adorned in summer-monsoon fashion

The rising mercury indicates that the fashion season is at its peak inducing K-town to funk up their wardrobe to the breezy summer/monsoon attire.  The season’s wears not only call for comfort but gives equal, if not more, preference to fashion. The streets of Kathmandu is currently flaunting open clothes like chinos, shorts, net outer, or plain old casual clothes to stay in check with the summer heat.

Deepa Rai from Thasikhel was seen glamming herself with a long shirt and shiny satin top at Zara Store, Civil Mall. She gives equal attention to comfort even while presenting herself in the most fashionable avatar. “We should consider the ease along with style. My clothes should make me feel comfortable, and boast a sophisticated aura as well,” Rai bragged.

Few blocks away at Newroad’s Peoples Plaza, Anjali Lama was spotted discussing her preferences with a salesperson at Grandeur Clothing. She was engaged in her summer shopping. Like Thasikhel’s Deepa Rai, she too believed that fashion was all about comfort.  Lama added that she adored donning light casuals during summer. 

"I don’t like getting tanned, so I prefer wearing long-sleeved clothes. I like to feel comfortable, so layering for me is not an option; normal t-shirts and casual pants are my favorites regardless of the season, but when it's too hot I like to wear denim shorts, and normal t-shirt, and match them with sunglasses," Lama stated as she calmly shuffled through the options in the shop. 

Meanwhile, Wongma Ghale of Grandeur Clothing explained a rather unconventional concept. She thinks fashion is always unstable, and following a specific trend is a risky affair.  “Women prefer loose and light dress, cotton dresses, basic tops in summer. Similarly, instead of buying fitting trouser, full-length trouser, they buy wide leg and crop pants and capris (knee-pant) shorts, tailor stitched pant,” she shared.

Secret Door owner Rikesh Shakya attested to his business counterpart’s insight explaining cotton pants, shorts, chinos and normal t-shirts were common among youths at present. "Different people have different perception of fashion. Fashion buffs can be seen mixing and matching different combination; net or cotton outer over t-shirt or light windcheater over normal dresses are common styles," he added. 

When heaven opens
Rain is the only natural solace to the scorching summer temperature. Above all, rainfalls are hard to predict, so it’s advisable that you prepare accordingly. Summer hat, cap, umbrella, raincoats and other accessories can make lives simpler during summer rains. Above all, summer and rainy season, due to their close proximity are often considered as two sides of a single coin. 

Speaking about the preferable accessory in case of a sudden downpour Anjali Lama answered that umbrella had always rescued her during unpredictable times. However, the majority prefer traveling light, so instead of heavy umbrellas, most carry either raincoat or water-proof jackets. 

Nita Bajracharya, salesperson of New Readymade Shopping Center also stated that the sales of umbrellas were considerably low after wearables like raincoats, water protecting jackets gained prominence. “We hardly sell two umbrellas per day!" she exclaimed. 

Also, to protect expensive footwear, people opt for slippers. These water-resistant slippers are easy to handle, prevent sweating and also endure little to none rain damage. Shakya added, "Our clients mainly prefer slippers for monsoon as they are more convenient in the puddled streets of Kathmandu."

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