Published On: June 12, 2017 09:42 AM NPT By: Bijay Pandey

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

One morning while I was going through the news, I stumbled upon the news of Gurugrama horror- a city just southwest ofNew Delhi in northern India. A woman was being gang raped in auto and left helpless with her dead baby. My stomach churned as my eyes widened in horror. How could anyone be so utterly inhumane?

What makes it worse is that these activities occur everywhere, even in our country. So where is this safe place that we often search for? Are we even safe at all? After the completion of our higher secondary school or SLC (SEE), the next destination of the students for their further studies is Kathmandu valley i.e. the city of opportunity. Parents send their children away in hopes of them getting better education.

Most students are often required to use the buses and micros as a means of public transportation. And while that doesn’t seem too bad, it’s not the same pleasant ride for everyone. Girls, especially young girls are targeted. They are harassed sexually and scarred emotionally. It’s heartbreaking to see these little girls with fear and disgust in their eyes whenever public transportation is brought up. I have had my friends tell me similar experiences of sexual harassment in the public transportation. Not every person is the same, some people can’t stand up for themselves at these kinds of situations because they get too overwhelmed by fear to stand up or speak out for themselves.

We often come across these scenes in our lives; we shake our head in disgust but make no move to help or to speak out. Yes, committing these atrocious acts is wrong in every sense but being a spectator and doing nothing about is just as bad as the act itself. We fail to realize about how we would we feel if we were put in their shoes or it was our sisters, cousins and relatives that happened to bear with the abuse. Would you be able to turn your back to them or have people’s back turned towards you while you suffer?

Awareness on sexual harassment is not a topic that is discussed as openly as it should be in Nepal.There is the need of government attention with some policy and measures. Media attention is also needed. So, let’s not kill the bud. Rather, help them grow into beautiful and strong flowers.

The author is currently the Research Assistant and Project Manager at Uniglobe College.

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