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Published On: May 31, 2018 10:10 AM NPT By: Sapna Basnet

About me

About me

I have been lone.
Picturing things,
Wandering around,
Trying to figure “Is there something wrong?”

Crawling into bed,
Doing nothing,
Just imagining,
“What’s wrong with me?”

Nobody finds me,
Understands me,
Just saying It will be ok.
Isn’t fine with me.
Talk to me.
Help me.
Be friends with me.
Are the words I wanted to say.

But, Remains unsaid.
Fearing what would happen next,
If I open up to them.

It isn’t just about me.
Out, people are there.
Lives can be changed.
Just listen their hearts out.

Every day, Make an effort,
Bring change and
World will be the better place to live in.

about, me,

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