March 25, 2019

Aashirman DS Joshi’s flop journey

Aashirman DS Joshi’s flop journey

Aashirman DS Joshi has been in the Nepali Movie Industry since 2017 and still, the box office awaits his successful movie. His latest movie, ‘The Break Up’ hardly garnered any success despite the hype from its first look and trailer.

Joshi has starred in ‘Gangster Blues’ and ‘The Break Up’ and until now both films neither unappreciated nor ruled the box office.

‘The Break Up’ gained fan base from its trailer release. The comments on the trailers were positive and loving. People were hopeful that Joshi would be one of the actors bringing the change in the “downfall” movie industry but the hype was not the same in movies.

Both Joshi’s starred movies are directed by Hem Raj BC.

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