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A wise academic transition

A wise academic transition

Choosing a stable career is a daunting task. Our education system compels the students, right after Secondary Education Examination (SEE), to decide their future -- starting with choosing the right college, and faculty. The step is crucial in helping these graduates groom into responsible and career driven young adults. To align themselves with their professional goal, it is necessary that the students consider the following pointer while choosing their college.

Academic Environment 
Ramesh Ghimire, Campus Chief of College of Central State emphasizes on primarily considering the academic environment of any college before enrolling. It’s not just the duty of the student, but the parents should be informed of the activities colleges undertake in grooming their children. He added, “Choosing the right college is the crucial and important task for SEE student. I would like to request the students and their parent to collect as much information as possible about the academic environment of the colleges where they’re considering applying. By academic environment, I mean the achievement of the college in the academic field. Find out the results the college has been producing.” 

Similarly, Samjhana Basnyat, the principal of International School of Tourism & Hotel Management (IST) shared a similar opinion.  She said that selecting the right college was like investing money in building a bright career. She even added that students, and also their parent, needed to track the record of the college’s academic environment. 

 “Since certificates speak volumes, I would like to advise that before choosing a college, you find out how the college is performing. Also, find out if they have skilled and qualified teachers in their faculty.”
Friendly environment 

Since most SEE students are in their mid-teenage period, they long for liberty. So, while choosing a college, it’s important to consider how the college focuses on building an individual career.  

Ramesh Ghimire added, “While choosing the college, the parents should have an idea about how responsible the college is towards individual student. They need to know if the college records every activity and academic performances of individual students. It’s also the duty of the college to provide counseling to help maintain students on the right track.”

Supporting Ghimire’s statement, Assistant Campus Chief of South Western College, Hari Singh KC added that the colleges were like guardians to its student.  “It’s the job of the colleges to motivate their students. A student needs proper guidance and support, and the college should always be prepared to provide counseling when needed.”

Financial affordability is crucial, but the growing trend of joining colleges with sophisticated, and often unnecessary, facilities is on the rise. Most students are allured by the physical infrastructures instead of its academic reputation. Moreover, understand if your family can afford the fees. It is only advisable to choose colleges after considering the income and affordability of the family. 

Natural learning environment
The present-day provides students with an abundance of learning resources contrary to the past. The education system has phased from theoretical knowledge into practical learning. Ramesh Silwal, CEO of Golden Gate accentuates the natural learning environment. Silwal urges the colleges to focus on extra curriculum with regard to the modern technology. “Apart from the studies, colleges need to provide the students with platforms to enhance their creativity through seminars, workshops, field visits, and sports.”


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