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A taste of hipster Berlin in Kathmandu

A taste of hipster Berlin in Kathmandu

Hidden in a secluded corner within Narsingha Chowk, ShaVi’s Fries offers a little glimpse of hipster Berlin in the labyrinth that is Thamel. You are welcomed into an aesthetically pleasing little joint that is brightly lit regardless of the use of black mesh curtains and birchwood steps–the two being a reoccurring theme throughout the restaurant. Shavi’s Fries is a type of place you come to hang out with your friends when you’re in Thamel and you want a break from the usually crowded restaurants. You’ll definitely leave the place with Instagram worthy pictures and a love for sauces. Check out the dishes available here.

Churros with white 
chocolate and dark
chocolate sauce

The churros, four pieces of dough piped from a machine with a star shaped nozzle and deep fried in a vat of hot oil is dusted with sugar icing and finely ground cinnamon. You could taste a dash of cinnamon and a hint of sweetness when you bit into the not-so-crispy exterior and into the soft, doughy interior of the churros. Although I prefer my churros to be a little crunchy and light, the sauces were fantastic. The dark chocolate sauce compared to the white chocolate sauce paired perfectly with the heavy churros. It was lighter and had just the right amount of sweetness to complement the churros.  

Pulled wild boar 
on fries 

The pulled wild boar, basically shreds of wild boar marinated in barbeque sauce wasn’t something I had seen anywhere in Nepal and although I had tried pulled pork sandwiches before, the taste was completely different. Pulled wild boar on fries included a generous serving of pulled wild boar with barbeque sauce on a plate of crisp, golden fries. The atypical combination of sweet and tangy barbeque sauce with French fries worked surprisingly well. 

Berlin curry 
wurst with fries and mayo

The dish was exactly how it sounded, a serving of crisp, golden fries and a side of sliced curry wusrt with mayonnaise and ketchup squeezed haphazardly on top. The curry wurst tasted like a spongier sausage mixed with a concoction of spices, which I could barely taste over the homemade ketchup and mayo. 

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