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Published On: April 16, 2018 08:58 AM NPT By: Republica

A Relic of Love A story of Majipa Lakhey’s love

A Relic of Love A story of Majipa Lakhey’s love

KATHMANDU, April 16: The best part of being an artist is that people can express their deepest feelings through art. Most of the times, they do not even need words or voice to express. Instead, they may play guitar or run a stroke of brush to express their feelings.

For script writer and concept creator Sundar Lama, ‘A Relic of Love’ is one of such forms of expression. The art was staged on occasion of the grand opening of Patan Food Court at Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur last Friday.

He rejuvenated the Newari culture through a narrative performance art which told folk love story of Majipa Lakhey. According to the Newari myth, Majipa Lakhe was a devil who later transformed himself as a protector and a peace lover due to his love for a human girl. Majipa Lakhe is considered as a peaceful Bhairab. 

“The myth immediately hit me when I first heard about it. Afterwards, I also portrayed Majipa Lakhe through paintings,” Lama said. “Although painting was enough to tell the story, I chose performance art as I find it the best medium to express my inner feelings.”

With minimal props and little dialogue, the act seemed to be abstract since it is based on body art. Nevertheless, artists of the performance art including Bhishma Joshi, Majuna Dangol, Roshani Syangbo, and Sagun Tamang played gracefully and flawlessly. Four of them painted their faces with white color and were dressed with traditional Newari outfit. Majuna Dangol stole the show through her Newari dance while Bhisma Joshi’s beautiful recitation of poems instantly touches the hearts of the audience. 

Likewise, Roshani Syanbo, as the beloved of Majipa Lakhe, fully justified her role through facial expression and body movement. Moreover, Sundar joshi as Majipa Lakhe, performed very artistically and justified the role of it. 

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