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A punch on modern art

A punch on modern art

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: A movie of three friends is always intriguing to audiences. Be it the Bollywood blockbuster, ‘Three Idiots’ or Hollywood’s hit sequel, ‘Hangover’, this genre of movies has always topped the box office. However, it is rare seeing such trio at a drama stage. Credits to Yashmina Reza, a French Playwright for penning the award winning play entitled ‘Art’. His creation is based on friendship about three young men. 

The play is now staging in Nepal after 24 years of its debut in 1994 at Comédie des Champs-Élysées, Paris. Studio 7 has presented the play. It is currently staged at Hotel Bajra. 

Directed by Sabine Lehmann, 100- minutes play satire the modern art culture: buying an expensive painting without acknowledging the value of art. The play also depicted the friendship and its values. 

The play is divided in four acts. The initial plot commences with the room of Anil; a divorced dentist. Having a look at Anil’s room, theatergoers can acknowledge that he is an art-collector. His room is adorned with expensive paintings. 

Lately, Anil added a new expensive ‘Karma Kala’; a painting on a large canvas (five feet by four) for Rs200, 000. On the hindsight, the canvas is more or less blank. It has only a few lines inscribed to it, which Anil claims a master- piece. He showed this painting to his one of friends, Mahesh. The latter reacted negatively on seeing the canvas. “Its rubbish”, he said. This unknowingly dragged the 10-years friendship to danger. 

When the play moves on to the second act, it rightfully justifies the character of Devashish through the sight of his bedroom. The room is messy. Everything is scattered across the room. Like his room, Devashish‘s life is also unsettled. He is unhappy with his job and also unsecured about his married. He is a disc jockey (DJ) by passion, but is stuck to the job of salesman at a pashmina store. Despite his anxious nature, he depicts a normal character, trying to reconcile friendship.

The third part of the play focuses on Mahesh, a digital entrepreneur. He takes anti-stress pills to control his anger and anxiety. Unlike Devashish, he is straight forward. He is also a fitness freak. Audiences can see boxing gears (punching bag and gloves) and protein shakes.  He lets out his frustration by punching on the punching bag.

In the final act, all three characters gather in Anil’s room. The anger and discussions between Anil and Mahesh exceed over the painting. They even break out to a physical tussle. The plot of the play revolves around the blank-white canvas. Consequently, it triggers tension between characters, eventually amusing the audiences with humor. 

 The play is linedup with experienced actors. Raymon Das Shrestha plays the role of Anil, and Karma Shakya plays Mahesh. The new face, Kundoon Shakya features as Devashish.  Raymond Das and Karma are from theatre backgrounds and also have featured in films. So, their performance is predictable where their gestures, expressions, dialogue deliverance and comic timings are on par with the storyline.  While Kundoon, having has featured in few plays, is the attraction. He undoubtedly justifies his character and generates the humor and joy through his innocent and gullible nature. 

Since the play is based on modern art culture, Ludmilla Hungerhuber, set designer, has setup the platform with some eye-catching paintings. The sets have been reorganized between acts. The music of the play is of top quality. Aman Karna, and Prince Nepali have jointly arranged the music. The fusion of western and traditional music instruments enthralled the 

The play is being staged on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December 14 to 23 and on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday  for December 27, 29 and 30. 

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