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Published On: September 9, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Afaf Shamim

A place called home

A place called home

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Feeling tense, it's so hard to breathe

As every night I cry so desperately

To put the hurt in the past

As I walk out of my room, my heart beats so fast.

You shouldn't feel so scared to talk

So scared to joke, or so scared to walk.

You don't have it bad. Grow up you're immature, is what you say,

Then, why do I hurt so bad each day.

Everything is a mistake to you!

I say, I got an A! and you say but did you get two?

My failure sticks out so much in your mind

I dwell upon it and can't put it behind.

For some reason when I succeed

All excited to tell you, you nod and say Good.

And put it behind you.

This tension between us, I can't take it anymore!

I can't stand the aggression of doing so poor!

I want to get out! Get out of this place!

So I don't have to see the disappointed look on your face!

I'm stuck in this hole!

In this hole all alone! I'm stuck in this hole in a place called home!

There's no place like home, I think that was said?

Then I covered my face and then sat on the bed...

Then all was quiet…


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