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Published On: February 18, 2018 11:52 AM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

A picture of horror

A picture of horror

Fifty fifty chance;
The doctor disclose 

My dad is lying 
On the hospital bed 
His painful silence is trying 
To communicate something 
An x-ray photo and some papers 
Remain there useless 
Written in black 
Nothing can be seen 
What’s written there? 

Only thing that I could see is his thin body 
Trembling with terrible pain 
His face pale and washed off 
Bottles of splines are hanging 
As hunting ghosts 

The chattering noises of willful nurses
Who ran to inject 
His desiccated skin
As if they were hungry vampires 
I just covered my face 
With both my hands 

Since his cry of pain 
Is immensely unbearable 
When he cries;
My heart beats faster and louder 
Hopes fade away 
And the ground where I’m standing
Shrink away 

No more chance 
Exclaims the doctor;
Sorry! He’s gone 
I remain answerless 
Of the question;
What He might have thought? 
While seeing my facial expression 
When the doctor said; fifty fifty chance! 

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