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A new makeover of Bir Hospital

A new makeover of Bir Hospital

Bir Hospital is beyond recognition from its old state after a complete makeover that lasted for two months. Apart from the basement of the outpatient department (OPD), all sections of the nation’s oldest hospital are glistening after a thorough renovation. 

Also regarded as Nepal’s busiest hospital, visitors are pleasantly surprised to see the hospital go through positive changes. Toilets are cleaner,  the worn out water taps have been replaced with new ones, the walls are painted, and an overall cleaner outlook provides positive vibes to the visitors. 

Surya Bahadur Chepang from Dhading has been in Bir Hospital for past the 64 days. When the 42-year-old patient was first admitted, the painters had only started brushing the rusty paints off the walls. “Now the hospital has started prioritizing more on the cleanliness.  The cleaners scrub the halls, and clean the toilet twice a day – once in morning and once in the evening. I am grateful to the Dhurmus and Suntali Foundation for running this campaign,” shared Chepang.

However, he also pointed out that the visitors naively caused the hospital’s sanitation to deteriorate. He advised, “If the visitors are not aware, the cleaning staff should teach them the ways of properly disposing of their waste. The cleanliness campaign can only sustain if there is a mutual coordination between the visitors and the hospital’s cleaning department.”

Like many, Marry Rana from Bhadrapur is also satisfied with the result of the cleanliness project. 31-year-old Rana informed that she had been staying in the hospital for the past six days. “The renovation of the hospital had already started taking shape when I first arrived. Even though I have no idea about the past condition, I am happy that the hospital is now clean.”

However, Rana still had one major complaint.  She stills sees the need for additional bath facilities, especially for visitors. “When caregivers or the relatives of the patients come with the patients. They tend to spend a long time in the hospital. In that duration, they will need to shower. But the hospital does not have such facility. As a result, we have seen caregivers falling sick because of their level of hygiene,” she added.

Likewise, Sarlahi’s Jagarnar Nath Raut is also in favor of installing bathrooms in the hospital for the family members of the patients admitted in the hospital. He said that he had not showered for 25 days. “There is no doubt that the hospital has undergone admirable changes. Toilets seem cleaner, and the workers are mobilized routinely to perform their duty. The main concern still is the lack of bathing facility, we have to either visit our relatives or visit nearby hotels where we are charged for the service.”

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation piloted the campaign after the Ministry of Health and Population gave them the green signal.  Bagmati Cleaning Campaign activist Khem Sharma, the crew of comedy shows Badragol, and Shisno Pani Nepal partnered with the Dhurmus Suntali Foundation in efforts to renovate the looks of the hospital. Veteran comedian duo, Hari Bansha Acharya, and Madan Krishna Shrestha are also advocating for the campaign.

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