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Published On: June 17, 2019 08:05 AM NPT By: Krishna Bhandari

A  Mother ‘s Unconditional Love

A  Mother ‘s Unconditional Love

You kept me nine months in your womb,

like a heavy weight on your head.

When I saw the first light and cried,

You comforted me with your divine lifeline.


I grew up just like the bird's young ones, the phenomenal way,

You taught me to the thread, you held me up when I was down.

You heard me when I cried, you wrapped me with your warmest hug,

when I was alone.


When I was growing up, you bought me wear of dreams, aspirations, and care.

Holding my hand, you showed me the way, the first steps to be taken.

The desire to become someone, with an uncaged mind and soul,

In the city of an unknown crowd, I tried to live my dreams.


Like a flying bird, was I,

To be united with a soul.

You blessed us to be happy,

To be good, and have mutual respect.


As I flew, I forgot my roots and your love for me,

I cared not about you.

In dark corner, you wept, and cried, not to be heard.


I was a changed soul, who got chained.

My heart, my soul, I asked them about you,

" Who were you"

They replied, " Your biggest wealth and strength."



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