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Published On: November 5, 2019 10:37 AM NPT By: Amrit Poudel

A Kid, 21

A Kid, 21

What have you seen? 

That no others have 

Where have you been? 

But places all crowded 

They were all here 

They all died here 

They danced to the moonlight 

They swayed in the sunlight 

They slept with the stars 

They smoked, they drank 

Saw the light of Jesus, while inebriated 

Ploughed the land, settled their bills 

While some had their fate sealed 

With a rope tied to their neck 

While some even with the loose ends 

Never lost their hope

With hands to toil and sweat 

They made sure to use it best 


Days in and days out 

Decades and decades 

Ages and ages 

A lot of people 

A lot of hopes 

A lot of desires 

Died here 

Happiness, did they find?

No one knows

But it's all gone 

Like your days of yesteryear 

You a kid of 21 

There's a lot to see 

The wonders of life

And you say you have seen it all; all the hates

wonder if it's you speaking 

Or your troublesome heart 

wanting to escape the time- 

the days and the nights 

and be in the limelight 

With no stairs to climb 

Imagine how worth would that be 

To lick your fingers full of honey 

There's no pride, it's hollow 

For your hand don't show traces 

Of the paths you have covered 

It's time! 

Want that heart of yours to chime 

With the flowing lines of rhymes

Go for a hunt

Alone - far better 

You get much to learn 

Here again, remind yourself 

You are a kid 21 


Oh dear oh dear 

21 years!

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