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Published On: January 14, 2020 05:41 PM NPT By: Sushant Thapa

A dreamer’s politics

A dreamer’s politics


The dream that you foster

Upon the nest of the nation

Sails on the exquisite bangs of time

But, wayward to the oblivion


I search for a present in it

Not even a Freudian-slip you would stand with

An ovation! To your crony-fatale

Not even crossing the boundaries

Inwards on the horizon

Reflected into the waters of stagnant potential


Be it a dream and dream it off!

For, no Damocles’ sword hangs above you

At your altar you preach

The vanity of your presence

A fair too lanky

Jump the gun and broke the barrel of history


 Oh! But, is it in need?

Swaying on the bridge of age

Young and old, bold and cold

Above the waters of death

Reaching only halfway to the empty class

Climbs a ladder with no roof to land on

Drained, carries the mind away

Mindful to the labor

Sweating sorrow on the land strange

No ariel to sing the sweet song of wakefulness

And here on your side you nurture dreams

And carve reality into ethos of proverbial glorification


For glory is meant not to be articulated, but made

Dreams are not meant to be dreamt but surely shaped.












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