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5 Tips to ace the interview while introverted

5 Tips to ace the interview while introverted

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Does it feel like the world is tailor-made for extroverts? You can spot them everywhere, from the kindergarten pick up line to a networking event. It's no wonder that introverts can feel like they are at a disadvantage — especially when it comes to important social interactions. Take the job-search process, for example. It's so common for introverts to do a superb job at researching the position and polishing their resume. However, put them face-to-face with an interviewer — and suddenly they come across as unsure, timid, or even disinterested.

Here are five practical tips to not only work around your introversion — but make it shine.

1. Fight pre-interview anxiety with prep
There is no way to completely eliminate pre-interview anxiety. Despite, some jitters are actually good for your performance! They can jolt you awake, sharpen your focus, and give you a boost of energy.

However, you must keep that dose of nerves in check, and the best way to accomplish that is by preparing for the interview. Keep in mind that your prep should cover the company, the position you're interested in, and the technical questions you expect to get.

Finally, don't forget small-talk. Many introverts miss this important step — then feel awkward as they frantically try to come up with natural-sounding ice-breakers under pressure. Think of a few questions ahead of time, like asking about the interviewer's favorite hidden gems in the neighborhood.

2. Plan your interview day strategically
As an introvert; you do have some bandwidth for intense face-to-face interactions. However, you probably don't get energized by them. So, build your day in a way that conserves your energy and allows you to muster and channel everything you've got into that one all-important interview.

3. Know your weak spots so you can meet the interviewer's expectations
This may require some mock interviews, practice time in front of a camera, feedback from other professionals you trust, and private reflection. For example, you might admit that your first impression isn't naturally impactful. Or maybe you aren't great at finding quick answers on the spot. Naming your weak spots is an important first step towards developing workarounds for them.

4. Know your strengths so they can shine
Many introverts are powerful listeners, thoughtful strategists, and natural observers. Tap into those strengths during the interview. Also, bring them up when you answer behavioral interview questions. Perhaps you naturally observe other people's pain points and come up with simple solutions. Maybe it's easy for you to take in everyone's ideas and create a vision that combines them all. Share examples of times when you've put those skills to great use — and your interviewer will see your introversion as a superpower.

5. Dress the part
When it's time to get dressed for the interview, keep in mind that it's not so much that you're trying to get the job with what you wear, you're incorporating your attire into the overall presentation. Hiring managers decide in 10 seconds if they don't want to hire you. If your presentation is flawless and attire matches, they may have a more difficult time eliminating you from their list. Before the interview, be sure to: Wear neutral colors, and stay away from patterns; consider comfort and climate at the office.


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