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5 things about Sanchita Luitel

5 things about Sanchita Luitel

Acting for Sanchita Luitel was not a childhood dream. She however got the chance to be an actor and did her best to utilize the opportunity. She entered the Nepali film scenario with her debut film ‘Apsara’, which led her way to seeking a career in films. Having so far made it big in Nepali cinema she is renowned for her roles in ‘Koi Mero’, ‘Chhodi Gaye Paap Lagla’, ‘Radha’, among others. However, she has taken a break from acting for few years and has engaged herself as the brand ambassador of Maya’s Beauty Parlor. 

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Sanchita revealed the five things that many may not know about her.

Fitness enthusiast
No matter how tight her schedule may get, she ensures to take out some time for work out. Working out for the past four years now, she has recently taken up Muay Thai which is one specific type of kickboxing to maintain her fitness. “I started hitting the gym after being a mother and it has not only helped me stay fit but also has enhanced my stamina,” said Luitel.

Movie buff
Having taken a break from acting, she now enjoys her time watching different genres of film. While on the process of watching, she takes pleasure analyzing the films based on its concept, cinematography and technicality. “I usually go for night shows while watching movies and I recently enjoyed watching ‘Baaghi 2’, an action thriller,” she added.

Happy-go-lucky person
A positive outlook to life is the source of happiness for her. While at work or being with family and friends, she treasures and makes most of the present moment rather than thinking about the times that she may not have control over. Since every passing minute is special to make the most of it, she feels happy in every small task that she performs. 

Learning being a mother
A doting mother to her two children, she believes in creating friendly environment in order to know them better. Be it games or completing any assignments, she makes sure to accompany them most of the time. “Helping them with their assignments I have learnt so many things myself,” she added. 

Fond of reading
She likes reading newspapers and magazines in order to keep herself updated with national and international happenings. When reading books, she admires reading various writers of fiction whose ideas are thought-provoking. “I am few pages away to completing the novel ‘Nathiya’ by Saraswati Pratikshya,” she added.

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