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5 things about Naresh Kumar KC

5 things about Naresh Kumar KC

Naresh Kumar KC had his heed set into becoming a doctor until he joined a four-month-long workshop on film making. The incident took a beautiful turn in his life. Later, he went on to attend the University of California for Film making. He entered into the Nepali cinema fraternity with ‘Dying candle’ in 2013. Having helmed a plethora of short movies, he is currently gearing up for his next release, ‘Romeo and Muna’, which is scheduled to hit the big screen this Friday.

In a conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, KC revealed five things that many may not know about him. 

Americano double shot without sugar  
The director prefers the coffee stores arround Durbarmarg and Lazimpat to indulge in the aromas of the brew. “I used to brew 10 flavors of coffee every day while at the US. It was not fun then, but as I look back now I’ve come to realize that the bitter your coffee tastes, the sweeter your life gets,” quipped KC.

Solitude seeker
Spending time in solitude is something he often likes doing, especially when leading any productive works. He admires setting his imagination free and venturing in journeys unknowns.  

“Helambu is one of the places where I fancy visiting. It’s bliss to relax by the beautiful waterfalls and nature. During the making of Romeo and Muna, I had spent about two weeks there, completely off the grid,” said KC. 

Into Astronomy 
Whenever time allows, he likes binge watching various controversial theories. Ancient Aliens is among his favorites. The vastness of universe drew his interest in astronomy. He prefers responding to his curiosity by watching documentaries on time and space and relative theories.

Avid reader
The first book that he ever bought from his six years of saving was ‘Still Reading Khan’, a Shah Rukh Khan’s biography, by Mushtaq Sheikh, . Among other readings, Palpasa Café, Antarman ko Yatra, A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari are some of the works that he utterly enjoyed reading. 

“The things that interest me about reading is that it touches you deeply and makes you imagine to a greater extent,” expressed KC.

All time music lover
KC is obsessed with music of all genres. He especially enjoys music while he is on the road. In the past, he has also been mocked for his peculiar choices. “During my college days, I used to take a bus from Samakhusi to Banasthali. Most of the time I used to get lost into the songs played in the bus until I realizeed I had already reached the last stop, at Kalanki,” he revealed.

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