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5 things about Melina Rai

5 things about Melina Rai

After having learned music since an early age of 10 from her father, Melina Rai has been dedicated to Nepali music for over a decade now. She had her first song recorded at the age of 12 and her career in the Nepali music industry started in 2072 BS with her hit song ‘Kammar Mathi Patuki’. She set her grip in the industry with many of her hits including ‘Timle Bato Fereu Arey’, ‘Shiraima Shirbandi’, ‘Chapakkai Ful Fulyo’ and latest hits ‘Kutuma Kutu Supari Dana’ and ‘Machhile Khane Kholiko Leu.’ 

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Rai revealed the five things that many may not know about her. 

Fond of designing
A learning stylist and designer herself, she loves to design her dresses and outfits on her own. With her recent success in the music scene, she has been attending numerous shows and can be caught in her own set of designs at most of the shows. "I love to dress up for shows and have been trying my bit to experiment with my fashion designing skills," said Melina.

Keen dancer
She was an inquisitive dancer since her childhood and participated in school dance shows from her early age. For her, dance is a medium to get relaxed and happy. “Whenever I hear loud and deep bass music, I can barely stop myself from dancing and reenergizing,” she added.

Ardent traveller
Following her success of songs she has been travelling to a myriad of places in and out of Nepal. And that has been one of the best treasured experiences for her so far as she is a keen traveler. Having traveled to variety of places for shows, Rai looks forward to visiting more places in the days to come.

Movie lover
She is highly fond of watching movies. As long as it grabs her attention, watching every genre is a visual treat for her. She specially prefers to watch romantic, horror and thriller movies. “If I am on the mood for cartoons and animated movies, I enjoy watching them too. But lately I have been enjoying movies that have intense and meaningful messages to impart,” she said.

Experiencing new and challenging things adds a sense of joy to her life. Rai takes pleasure in learning diverse lifestyle and food culture through her visits to unfamiliar places. She finds herself curious and adventurous in terms of experiencing different colors of life.

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