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5 things about Laxmi Bardewa

5 things about Laxmi Bardewa

A passing scene in the movie called ‘Sundar Mero Naam’ led Laxmi Bardewa’s steps ahead in the field of acting. Having dedicated 11 years in theater acting, Laxmi has also begun to act in movies such as Ghaampaani and Jaalo. She entered the theater world as chorus in a play called ‘Umbug Land Ko Mutbhed’. Laxmi has a degree in Journalism and Political Science from Ratna Rajya Campus.
My City’s Sonam Lama caught up with Laxmi to talk about the five things that people may not know about her.

A vegetarian

A vegetarian for the past 12 years, Laxmi is also fond of trying out a variety of foods and enjoys cooking non-vegetarian foods for her friends. The reason behind her being a vegetarian is because she is an animal lover.

Fond of writing

Laxmi likes to pen down her thoughts in a diary whenever she feels like writing. She was further inspired to write when her article ‘Jaba Jaat le Rokyo Mama Ghar Jane Bato’ broke the record with over 6000 shares in an online news portal called Ratopati. Amid the accolades, she got five more articles published in Ratopati.

A happy-go-lucky person

Laxmi is well known for her jolly nature among friends and calls herself a fun-lover. She defines herself as an extrovert, who believes in living in the present as she has control over it and likes to make the most of every day.

An adventurer

Having travelled up to 12 districts within Nepal, Laxmi is interested in hiking, tours and excursions. She often sets out on a journey on her own. “When I was travelling to Pokhara with my crew members, they decided to move further to Mustang, whereas I enjoyed my way alone to Dhampus,” she said.

A belly-dance lover

In her spare hours, Laxmi enjoys watching a wide set of tutorials on belly-dancing on YouTube. Although she is extremely fond of singing, she rarely prefers to sing if provided a platform. Laxmi, however, cannot resist dancing whenever she tunes in to bubbly music.


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