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5 things about Jyoti Ghimire

5 things about Jyoti Ghimire

The ever-young Jyoti Ghimire is known for his contributions in helping shape Nepal’s contemporary rock scene to its present state. In his musical journey spanning over three decades, the guitar virtuoso has given hits like ‘Anjaan’, ‘Maski Maski’, and ‘Nashalu’. Over the years, his unique guitar playing has also led his admirers to compare Ghimire with global icons like Carlos Santana, and Mark Knopfler. A devotee of music, Jyoti Ghimire is currently busy in the studios preparing for the launch of his brand new album. In the meantime, he is also engaged with live charity gigs around Nepal.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Ghimire revealed the five fascinating facts unknown to many.

Pet lover
Jyoti Ghimire shares a warm bond with his pet Happy Ghimire. Before Happy, he owned a dachshund ‘Cleo’, who he lost in the 2015 earthquake.
 “I think the unconditional love that you receive from your pets is what humans can hardly match up with,” said Ghimire. 

Experimental with food
He loves pampering himself with the authentic taste and flavors of places he visits. 
“I enjoyed Gongi (a snail dish) on my visit to Chitwan and octopus in Hong Kong. I still prefer meals cooked in the authentic Nepali style,” Ghimire expressed. 

Physically sound
Jyoti Ghimire was a part of the squad that represented the Annapurna Club in a friendly against the Bhutanese national team in his heydays. At present, the guitarist relishes hiking and cycling.  Recently, he hiked to Champadada, and Santaneshwor Mahadev temple. 

A fan of the 70s
Jyoti Ghimire flaunts peppy guitar leaks in most of his compositions. His inspirations can be contributed to the upbeat grooves of the 70s that he adores. 
“The classic musical composition and songs of R.D Burman, Narayan Gopal, Gopal Yonjan, Bachhu Kailash, and Phatteman are some of my all-time favorites,” shared Ghimire.

Fond of watching YouTube videos
Watching videos on YouTube is one of his great indulgences during spare time. He especially takes pleasure in watching controversial theories related to history, and science. 
“I follow the videos explaining the mysteries of aliens and uncanny discoveries,” he added.

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