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5 things about Ghanashyam Gautam

5 things about Ghanashyam Gautam

Ghanashyam Gautam earned raves as a comedy actor with his caricature as ‘Prachanda’ in the TV series ‘Meri Bassai’. A theater artist indeed, he initiated his acting career in 2055 BS. However, after a decade long journey in the theater, his skills as a comedy actor began stealing the limelight. Appearing on screen in many comic roles, including the online joke series ‘Shere – The Sherbahadur’, he has also been hosting a comedy talk show called ‘Twakendra Niwas’ which is being aired at NK TV.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Gautam revealed the five things that many may not know about him.

Classical music lover
Of all genres of music that he listens to, classical is his all-time favorite. More particularly, he prefers classical Nepali and Hindi music of the 1990s. He also enjoys the music of Swaroop Raj Acharya, Karna Das, Kishor Kumar and Mohammed Rafi. For him, the essence of lyrics is what makes the song powerful. "I learned to pen my songs listening to these old collections and I am looking forward to releasing my second album soon,” said Gautam.

Nature lover
He loves taking some time off for travelling places that are close to nature. Having visited to about 65 districts of Nepal, he found Illam, Mugu, Humla and Bardia to be the most amazing ones. In the coming days, he wishes to travel to many places in and out of Nepal, including mustang Dolpa and Switzerland. 

Keen sketch artist
He began sketching from his early childhood. Started with the sketches of film stars and now he has so far created a huge collage of his works. He has taken a few classes on theatre however; he believes sketching to be an innate skill which enhanced with the art of practice. 

Avid writer 
His journey as a writer began with child magazine ‘Sunkesara’ where he published many child stories of him. Moreover, he is much keen at writing songs and gazals. He has so far penned about 100 songs of which three dozen have been recorded and about 300 gazals published. He has recently been working on his essay ‘Dhulo Maa Phuleko Kamal’ which is soon to be published this year. 

Besides his own routine of work, he ensures to take some time out for social welfare. Having participated in the Bagmati Safai Abhiyan and blood donation campaigns, he likes working for the betterment of the society. He also works for a social cause ‘Subhaarmbha’ which provides its voluntary services to old age home at Swoyambhunath and Pashupatinath.

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