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5 Things About Deepak Bajracharya

5 Things About Deepak Bajracharya

Actively producing hits after hits since 1990, Deepak Bajracharya is credited for introducing Latino grooves, and Flamenco rhythms into Nepali music. Moreover, the singer has gathered much fame from his evergreen hits including ‘Oh Amira’, ‘Maya ko dori le’, ’ Ritu’, ‘Kali kali hisi pareki’, and the recent ‘Mann magan’. 

 At present, Bajracharya and his band, ‘The Rhythm’ is engaged in the promotion of their solo tracks ‘Sani sani’, and ‘Allare’. The band has been experimenting on a unique approach of reflecting the cultures, traditional values, norms, and lifestyle of ethnic Nepal in their videos.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Deepak Bajracharya revealed five things that many don’t know about him. 

Driving enthusiarst

Deepak Bajracharya is an avid driving enthusiast. He says driving influences him to create songs.  Speaking of the older days, he continued “I miss those times when I had created many of my songs while setting out on a late evening tipsy drive.”

Horrible cook

Cooking is something that never caught his fancy. For a person who is constantly on the road, he finds it important to learn the skills of the kitchen. However, he is yet to master the art of cooking. “It was about three years ago, on my visit to the US, that I tried cooking an egg watching an online tutorial,” he joked.

Live performer

In addition to getting entertained in the quiet aura of his underground recording studio, he adores performing live to large crowds. “I am gripped by a feeling of nervousness before any of my live performances. But once the show is over, everything gradually eases down. Usually, a vibrant gathering of near and dear ones soon follows,” he added. 

Adventure seeker

He wishes to experience life through adventure. Having tried paragliding, and zip flying, he has his heeds set for skydiving as well. 
He claimed, "If ever provided by the circumstances, I would like to set free as a wanderer, to gather real survival experience."

Keeps his nail untrimmed 

Being a musician he started growing the fingernails of his right hand which is helpful in both plucking and shredding the guitar strings. However, he is now compelled by his habit to keep them untrimmed, even barring him from eating with his bare hands. 

“It was this embarrassing moment when I had to eat at a Newari bhoj(with bare hands),” he quipped.

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