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5 things about Astha Raut

5 things  about Astha Raut

Astha Raut is widely praised for her contribution to the Nepali music. She started learning music from her father and her Guru Suresh Adhikari since her childhood. Known for her unique vocals, she started her career with the song ‘Saal ko paat tapari’ which was received well by the Nepali audience. Having sung more than a dozen songs including the popular numbers ‘Chaubandhi Ma Patuki’, ‘Jhumke Bulaki’, ‘Mayo Yo Maya’, et cetera, she has been awarded with Hits FM Music Award, Image Award, and Kantipur Honors under the best female pop vocal category.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Astha revealed the five things that many may not know about her.

Fond of dancing 
From hip-hop to classical to freestyle, dancing is a mere subject of fancy to her. “I basically love watching people dance in almost every style but when it comes to me, I opt for free style because it goes with my choice of dancing freely whenever I like,” said Raut.

Keen basketball player
She would have aspired to become a basketball player had she not been passionately into music. Played as the captain for girls’ basketball team while in high school, she piqued her interest in basketball with her frequent participation in various inter-college competitions.

Ardent adventurer
Her takes on adventure is what add thrill to her life. An explorer herself, she loves adventuring to greater heights. Having experienced rafting, canyon swinging, paragliding and ultra-light aviation, she eagerly looks forward to scuba diving and sky diving. “I have been planning to learn swimming so that I can check the lists out of my bucket-list soon,” added Raut.

Social activist
Apart from her singing interests, she is quite drawn to participating for social cause and campaigns. Her major contributions have so far included raising funds for the reconstruction of schools in Dolakha that were destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. As a part of the campaign, she has also performed to raise funds for the patients of mental trauma in different areas of Kathmandu including Bouddha, Panauti and more.

Her love for expressive songs
To her, music should be expressive in larger definitions which could inspire and unite thoughts. She is picky regarding her opting for songs that match her choices and once she is done with the selection, she ensures to do justice to them. “It delights me listening to artists including Rahul Rai from Tribal Rain, Gopal Yonjan, Aruna Lama, Narayan Gopal, Ani Chhoying Drolma, AR Rahman, Sajjan Vaidya and Neetesh Jung Kunwar”, added. 

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