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5 lazy girl makeup hacks to transform your mornings

5 lazy girl makeup hacks to transform your mornings


There’s no denying that we all want things easy, particularly when it comes to that “effortlessly beautiful” aspect of our morning routines. But, achieving that effortless look in reality, means spending hours in front of that looking glass. For the lot of us, that means having to wake up earlier than intended. 

Fortunately, beauty mavens the world over, have ingenious tricks to considerably shorten that time. We bring you five lazy girl makeup hacks to make your lives a whole lot easier.


1. Line and curl at the same time

If you’re running short on time but still want to make your eyes stand out, there’s a simple trick you can try. All you need to do is use your eyelash curler to get a perfect stitch. Take the colour of your choice, line the edge and curl! It’s a two-in-one move that works every time.

2. Contouring is as simple as the number three

Draw out the number from your forehead, around your eye and down to your cheekbone, blend and voila! It’s really that simple.

3. That perfect pout

While outlining those lips with a pencil for a fuller pout might not exactly be feasible on a regular basis, adding a touch of cinnamon oil or peppermint oil to your gloss will definitely give it that fuller effect.

4. What’s up, bra?

As unconventional as this may seem, if you are running way behind schedule but need to make that meeting dressed to the nines, and you desperately need that mascara, stick it in your bra for a few minutes before use. The heat from your body will melt the dry mascara, and makes it easier to apply to your lashes.

5. The right foundation

Getting the shade right is imperative when it comes to foundation. But, what if you’ve bought a shade that’s a little too dark for your complexion? Don’t fret. Addign a bit of moisturiser to your base will not only lighten the mixture, will act as a BB cream that will keep your skin hydrated, too!


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