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Published On: June 25, 2019 07:21 PM NPT By: Republica

3 things to consider while buying a vehicle for Nepali road

3 things to consider while buying a vehicle for Nepali road

Nepal is blessed with geographical diversification and lack of proper infrastructure has made transportation difficult. Due to complicated transportation tracks, demands of vehicles are also quite different in Nepal. It’s not easy to travel in deep valleys, hills and terraces of the country. Every vehicle cannot run through bumps and pit holes. Hence you must look for some special features while looking for vehicles in Nepal.  Some of them are listed below:

Ground clearance:

The distance between the bases of the tyre to the lower part of the vehicle is called ground clearance. Ground clearance of the vehicle is directly proportional to its ability to travel in off road conditions. Vehicle with higher ground clearance can travel even in harsh roads. However, if the ground clearance is extremely high then it becomes hard to balance and control the vehicle, especially in turns while travelling in high speed.

Still most of the roads in Nepal are still not black topped. These roads are bust with potholes which is a major problem for transportation. Vehicle with low ground clearance cannot be taken to these roads and if taken the bumps of off road can damage its engine and chassis.

Even to travel in a normal road 100 mm ground clearance is required minimum.

Powerful engine:

Engine is responsible to produce energy required to run vehicle by burning fuel. That’s why it is known as heart of the vehicle.  Lager the size of engine, greater the energy produced. It’s very important to have a powerful engine for Nepali roads.

Power of engine is calculated in horsepower (Hp). For difficult topography like Nepal, a minimum of 70 Hp power is required in a vehicle. That’s why power of engine must be considered while buying a vehicle for Nepalese roads.

Lightness and size

 Light vehicles consume less energy and can easily run uphill. Similarly, they are also are easy to handle. Likewise, small vehicles have their own significant as they can be easily driven even on small roads. So make sure if you are looking for a vehicle for off roads in Nepal, you consider its size and heaviness.

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