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3 questions Bill Gates asks himself every year that he did not in his 20s

3 questions Bill Gates asks himself every year that he did not in his 20s

We all like to think and analyse about how our life is unfolding and how we define success. For many, success can mean drawing a hefty paycheck every month and climbing up the corporate ladder. However, for Bill Gates, the definition of success seems to have evolved over the years. In a blog post written by him, the billionaire has opined how he has started asking himself different types of questions at the age of 63, which never crossed his mind in his 20s.

Did I devote enough time to my family?”

Well, money can buy us most of the things but not happiness and healthy relationships. A person might excel in his/her professional field and make a mark in the professional world, but if he does not have near and dear ones in life, would that success bring happiness? Gates surely has a super hectic schedule but he ensures to spend quality time with his family and does not let work take a toll on his personal life.

‘Did I learn enough new things?’

Someone has rightly said, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Gates is known to be an avid reader and shared in an interview that he reads 50 books every year. Apart from this, he travels to interesting places, watches online lectures, talks with scientists to improve his knowledge level. 

​‘Did I develop new friendships and deepen old ones’

Several studies have suggested that sharing happy and healthy relationships with people have several benefits for our health and daily life, and Gates emphasises on the same point. Having a good support system surely helps to handle the ups and downs of life better, and healthy relationships bring calm, contentment and happiness in our personal as well as professional life.

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