Everybody cheats and that’s ok

Published On: June 24, 2016 02:04 AM NPT By: Aditi Sharma

If anyone ever says losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle are easy, they are lying. These are perhaps that two most difficult thing one could ever face in life (even raising a kid seems like a breeze in comparison). This is because discipline is hard, and you’ll need a lot of that to keep yourself in shape, and also because it’s not a one-time thing but a continuous, never-ending process.

Cover story: In the name of compassion

Published On: June 18, 2016 12:28 AM NPT By: Priyanka Gurung

At the central level, DAH is responsible for managing overall animal health related activities throughout the country. Along with working on diagnosis, prevention and control of animal diseases, they also implement programs for increasing production of milk, eggs and meat in the country.

Have your say: The colors of Kathmandu

Published On: June 17, 2016 01:00 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

There is a lot that we complain about here in Kathmandu.

The Madheshi plight

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:20 PM NPT By: Shristi Shrestha

Madhesh is a geographical area that covers a major stretch of Nepal from East to West. The people from Madhesh share intensive resemblance with its neighboring regions which are part of another country called India. However, people from Madhesh are not Indians but Nepali citizens.

When wife shops, you drop

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:16 PM NPT By: Kalu Maila

It’s been almost two and half years since I got married and people still ask me how married life feels as if I’m a newly-wed. I don’t know how to answer that question.

Book Chat: Through the literary lens

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:13 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Cinema halls may be selling out with moviegoers super excited to finally catch Min Bham's Kalo Pothi but the man himself has quietly moved on to his next project.

Review: A journey within

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:09 PM NPT By: Sewa Bhattarai

These Fine Lines, a collection of poems by Nepali women, is a book that should have been published long ago. The stories that women tell, to and about themselves, and each other, have long deserved a wider audience – because without these stories, our understanding of the world is incomplete.

The resilience factor

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:06 PM NPT By: Republica

For Nabin K Bhattarai fans, three decades seem to have passed away in the blink of an eye. he way the singer has continued to churn out hits and maintain a prominence in the industry, even after all these years, have been most impressive.

Happy New You : Going sleeveless

Published On: June 16, 2016 09:00 PM NPT By: Aditi Sharma

Flaunt those toned arms Let me give you the good news first: Most women carry extra kilos in their midsection and hips as a result of which arms are easy to tone, regardless of total body weight.

Work it out

Published On: June 16, 2016 08:53 PM NPT By: REYA SHREYA RAI

If staying active and eating healthy were easy, everyone would be doing just that. The Week caught up with Doma Bajracharya, a fitness expert, to talk about the do’s and don’ts for a healthy fitness regime.