It’s time for a movie

Published On: November 25, 2016 02:12 AM NPT By: Kalu Maila

As in any movie theater around the world, we too seem to have the usual crowd who makes your life miserable when watching a movie.

Diy Farming: Harvesting hope

Published On: November 18, 2016 11:05 AM NPT By: Priyanka Gurung

The current scenario of our country’s agricultural sector looks bleak. Much concern has been expressed over the increasing amount of imported food grains and the plummeting capacity of our agro production.

A force to be reckoned with

Published On: November 18, 2016 11:03 AM NPT By: Priyanka Gurung

She emerged a winner at all the major award ceremonies with her debut effort two years ago. In fact, Astha Raut is still riding high on those releases, playing innumerable concerts both nationally and internationally. As the love for her uniquely powerful vocals continue to grow among the masses, her status in the music industry is becoming ever so strong.

Not just another coffee shop

Published On: November 18, 2016 10:56 AM NPT By: Republica

Red Mud Coffee boldly invites people with their tagline, “Every revolution starts in a coffee shop, start yours.”  From the beginning itself, their aim was to do much more than just serve drinks. Apparently, they wished to provide a socially vibrant space where people could mingle and network. Today Red Mud Coffee is doing all that and a little more. With two popular outlets in town, one even in Manang (open during season), Aashish Adhikari, founder of Red Mud Coffee, talks about his experiences so far.

Finding your creative vision

Published On: November 18, 2016 10:50 AM NPT By: Joshna Karki

A graduate in BFA Graphic Communication from Kathmandu University (KU), Aayusha Shrestha has been designing gold plated brass jewelry under the brand name AAMO for a little over a year now. And the handcrafted pieces have gained quite the reputation and popularity to boot. Each piece of AAMO jewelry, in its perfect fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, carries a story of Nepal and its history and heritages, which is why they are unique and refreshing.

Being your own boss

Published On: November 18, 2016 10:41 AM NPT By: Republica

Foodmandu is the first company in Nepal that provides multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery service. They have partnered with more than 120 popular restaurants in Kathmandu and Lalitpur and have become the first call for those looking to immediately satiate their cravings without leaving the comforts of their homes. As the brains behind this business, Manohar Adhikari, CEO of Foodmandu, reflects on his journey so far.

Hotel hunt

Published On: November 18, 2016 10:31 AM NPT By: Republica

The search for a cheap hotel room has only gotten more difficult over the years. But that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t find deals to save money on a hotel room.

Travel diary

Published On: November 18, 2016 10:12 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

St. Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travel is good for lots of things, but it can also increase mental well-being – and not just in the short-term. Whether you’re traveling for business, on a one-week family holiday, or have sold everything to pursue a life on the road, traveling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories, breaking routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world.

Net Nuggets

Published On: November 18, 2016 09:59 AM NPT By: Republica

The first thing many of us do the minute we open our eyes in the morning is reach for our phones to check Instagram, scroll those Facebook posts, read some news, or just browse through the vast online world till we absolutely have to get out of bed. Why not make these minutes productive and positive and start the day on a good note? Here are some useful websites that will help you do just that and more.

Sinfully delicious

Published On: November 18, 2016 09:28 AM NPT By: Joshna Karki & Reya Shreya Rai

Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts? And really, there’s nothing a bit of chocolate can’t fix as it’s the ultimate comfort food. The Week snooped around the beautifully scented bakeries of Lalitpur in their hunt for the perfect cakes