Let’s make use of them (Commentary)

June 15, 2016 16:49 PM

Nepal has come a long way with a brand new constitution. It now needs to flaunt it.

Terrorism 2.0

June 14, 2016 20:04 PM

With ISIS and Al-Qaeda operatives in the Middle East are led astray If initial news reports from the US are to be believed, Omar Mateen, the gunman who attacked the gay club in Orlando, Florida, was an ISIS sympathizer. I believe these recent terrorist attacks in Western cities represent the changing face of terrorism: Terrorism 2.0.

Fair play

June 14, 2016 19:57 PM

“Celebrating someone else’s victory is not a sign of defeat. It’s a sign of friendship” At the Jail field ground at Inaruwa, Sunsari, spectators watch the football game in excitement.

Open for business

June 14, 2016 19:50 PM

In conversations with Chinese officials I detect a renewed sense of humility and a willingness to recognize mistakes

Infographics: Brexit poll

June 13, 2016 19:30 PM

People across the United Kingdom will soon go to the polls to vote on whether to remain part of the European Union.

More loathing lore

June 13, 2016 00:35 AM

Any community that submits itself to be excluded from the right to be defended and the duty to bear arms becomes a second class citizen

Chhaupadi: Till when?

June 10, 2016 20:47 PM

There is this small mud hut outside almost every house in Bajura district. Temporarily made, dirty, unmanaged and just big enough to fit one person in, this hut is where women are forced to live every time they menstruate.

The futile summitry

June 10, 2016 20:12 PM

I was recently in Turkey to cover the United Nations Conference on Mid-term Review of Istanbul Program of Action (IPoA) on Least Development Countries (LDCs). But if you ask me what the conference achieved for the people of LDCs, I probably wouldn’t be able to answer.

Childhood murderers

June 10, 2016 19:49 PM

Have you ever even thought of the child exploitation behind some of the foreign brand garments you wear? The theme of The World Day Against Child Labor 2016 (June 12) is precise and to the point: “End child labor in supply chains—It’s everyone’s business!”

Fear of dentists

June 10, 2016 19:43 PM

Being scared is normal for children but that does not mean they need to be overwhelmed by dentist fear Recently I have been taking my father to the dentist on a regular basis. At those times, I noticed a number of children visiting the same dentist for their ortho-dental work.