Infographics: Make #NotWasting A Way Of Life

June 8, 2016 15:03 PM

Infographics: Make #NotWasting A Way Of Life

Together we walk

June 8, 2016 14:55 PM

The UK is immensely proud of 200 years of cooperation between Britain and Nepal. Through our visit we hope to have further strengthened the social, economic and political bonds between our two countries. We arrive more than one year on from the 2015 earthquakes and we offer our condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives. We continue to be filled with admiration for the spirit and resilience of Nepali people.

Back in black

June 8, 2016 14:31 PM

Blockade created favorable climate for unscrupulous traders to do more transactions off the official radar The recent unofficial Indian blockade had a debilitating effect on Nepali economy already crippled by poor growth in manufacturing and agriculture, high inflation, never-ending blackouts and low infrastructure investment. Illegal trading activities grew not only in border towns, but also in urban areas where demand for essential goods is relatively high.

China express

June 8, 2016 14:17 PM

The argument that the Himalayas offer the best defense against China is contradicted by rapid expansion of Chinese rail lines in Tibetan plateau A few weeks ago I was talking to a New Delhi-based Nepali academic who has closely followed recent Nepal-India engagements.

On “good writers”

June 7, 2016 19:56 PM

The belief that you need to be a "good writer" to write effectively is a myth that has insalubrious consequences

Full of potential

June 7, 2016 19:47 PM

Women's engagement in high-value export-led agriculture has contributed to their social, economic and political empowerment

Powerful Leaders

June 7, 2016 19:34 PM

Machiavelli understood that fear and love are not opposites, and that the opposite of love—hatred—is dangerous for leaders

Combating hypertension

June 7, 2016 14:16 PM

Hypertension affects a staggering one billion people worldwide and causes 10 million deaths annually

Dangerous Duet

June 6, 2016 19:27 PM

The Doval-Rae doctrine wants assurance that naturalized citizenship holders in Nepal will get to become president and prime minister

Do it yourself

June 6, 2016 19:25 PM

The government must look to build medium and large power projects to meet internal demand on its own