Life of letters

January 2, 2017 00:35 AM

How would Buddha Sayami greet Dada when they met in whichever world people pass once life on this planet is over?

Politicized schools

January 2, 2017 00:25 AM

Political parties compete for top school posts so that they get to use school budgets as they like

Women-friendly agriculture

January 2, 2017 00:15 AM

Agriculture is being feminized in Nepal following the rapid exodus of men

Infographics: 15 terrifying statistics on your cellphone addiction

January 2, 2017 00:05 AM

15 terrifying statistics on your cellphone addiction

Now or never

December 31, 2016 00:35 AM

As our political parties fight they should be mindful of what happened when the first Constituent Assembly was dissolved in May, 2012

Happy New Year

December 31, 2016 00:25 AM

In Nepal we have two functional calendars and that always creates a lot of confusion

Play and learn

December 31, 2016 00:15 AM

Play materials should match the developmental stage of the child. They should also be safe and age-appropriate

Infographics: Top ten New Year resolutions

December 31, 2016 00:05 AM

Top ten New Year resolutions

BP: Relevant as ever

December 29, 2016 01:19 AM

BP’s old fears about fast-changing geopolitical currents in South Asia and the world have become even more pronounced today

Infographics: Countries with most people living in slavery

December 28, 2016 23:12 PM

Modern slavery is a brutal reality around the world. The 2016 Global Slavery Index published by the Walk Free Foundation estimates that 45.8 million people are in some form of slavery in 167 countries. 58 percent of people in slavery are living in just five countries: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. The report estimates that North Korea has the world’s highest prevalence of slavery at 4.4 percent of its population, followed by Uzbekistan (4.0 percent) and Cambodia (1.6 percent).