Echoes of Biplab

December 17, 2018 01:30 AM

Biplab bitterly rues over having accepted the short-lived preposterous “Prachanda-path” that waylaid workers and threatened to drag the nation toward an abyss of disintegration

NC’s policy departure

December 17, 2018 01:00 AM

Perhaps for the first time in its political history, NC places India on equal footing with China in its foreign policy agenda

Referendum risk

December 17, 2018 00:30 AM

The UK has held only three country-wide referenda in its history. It may be set for highly consequential vote

Mechanization challenges

December 16, 2018 00:25 AM

Inconsistent government policies, inaccessibility of credit in remote areas and scarcity of machinery are among the major challenges of agriculture mechanization

Lies, damned lies, and AI

December 16, 2018 00:20 AM

By taking existing structures and processes to their logical extremes, artificial intelligence (AI) is forcing us to confront the kind of society we have created

Debates on naming of Province 2

December 16, 2018 00:15 AM

Instead of inserting an elitist identity of Mithila, it would serve greatly if “Tharuhat,” an identity of a subdued community, is included as a prefix

Unholy and unsecular

December 16, 2018 00:10 AM

Using state coffers and machineries for promotion of a particular religious organization is against the spirit of secularism enshrined in our constitution

Keep children away from politics

December 15, 2018 01:30 AM

Politics is the most powerful divider and unifier in societies of all hues.  It can not only turn people off, but also work wonders in split seconds. Nonetheless, its fallout differs from one society to other. It is largely determined by the degrees of its denizens’ inclination toward the dominant narratives of the times in corresponding countries or societies.

Religion and politics

December 15, 2018 01:00 AM

Politics matters the most when people start forming their identity around politics or to politicize the non-political

Getting rubbed silently

December 15, 2018 00:30 AM

Writing on simple technical issues that suits a normal reader is difficult enough. Perhaps, it is even more difficult to get such piece approved by the opinion editors first. Big media houses elsewhere usually keep knowledgeable technical hands to support the editorial team. On issues I have little grasp, I often try to verify facts first with people working in the related field and reconfirm the accuracy of scripted portion after the piece is done. I often make last minute request for small changes even after the final version is sent. But I am thankful that my irksome requests do generally get complied with.