HELENA, Aug 16: Republicans on Wednesday condemned a poster by Pearl Jam that shows the White House in flames and a bald eagle pecking at a skeleton they say is meant to depict President Donald Trump.

LOS ANGELES, Aug 16: Nearly five years after Paul Walker’s death, his brothers say they’re open to playing his character again in the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Do you use gadgets like mobiles, laptops and tablets for a long time sitting in one position? Then you should be careful now.

Babies in prams can be exposed to up to 60 percent more pollution than their parents, causing potential damage to their frontal lobe and impacting on their cognitive abilities and brain development.

A camera is only as good as the lens mounted on the front of it — and Nikon’s 100+ year history has a tendency to lean towards excellent optics.

E-cigarettes may be causing similar damage to lung cells as regular smoking and therefore could be much more harmful than previously thought, a study has suggested.

The Last Monday of Shrawan

August 13, 2018 15:15 pm

Shrawan is one of the holiest months in Hindu calendar.

LOS ANGELES, Aug 13: Whether by brazenly injecting sex in the public sphere, adopting gay subculture for mainstream audiences or becoming the top-selling female musician of all time, Madonna has asserted an incalculable influence.

VERONA, Aug 13: The colossal Roman-era Verona Arena amphitheater remains an imposing presence in the northern Italian city’s main piazza, but its place in the opera world has waned in recent years.