What is gender equality? Asking this question at a dinner party could bring the whole party to a screeching halt, as people start arguing about gender, pay equity, and why women do the majority of the child care. Your business can’t fix the world’s problems (and just what those problems are is debatable depending on whom you ask), but you can make your workplace a better place for everyone.

Saroj Rajbahak , 34, is a fitness trainer at New Bulls Gym, Buddhanagr, Kathmandu. Since the young age of 17,  Saroj has been working as a fitness trainer for 12 years.  Republica’s Prasansha Rimal caught up with Rajbahak to talk about the growing fitness industry in Nepal.

With the upcoming election being the talk of the town, people have grown hopeful to invite progressive policies in the country. Republica here talked to a few people about their view on how the upcoming election would have an impact on the career scope and perspective in Nepal.

Gaurav Kandel is a paragliding pilot and co-owner of Buddha Paragliding Pvt Ltd. He has been in the field of Tourism for five years. Kandel did his basic paragliding course from Indus Paragliding School, Pune, India, and has been working as a paragliding pilot for the past three years. He was the first runner-up in ‘spot landing’ category in Accuracy Championship organized by Nepal Paragliding and Hand Gliding Association in 2016

When you are selecting a career there’s a lot riding on your decision. You want to pick an occupation in which you can be successful for many years to come. While you can change careers, doing so can be effortful. It is easier if you don’t have to do it too often.

It is said that first impression is the last impression. Your first impression can help you secure the job you have been dreaming of or scatter all your dreams within a few minutes of face-to-face confrontation with your soon-to-be boss. Here, Republica talked to a few people to know what can be done to ace the so-called scary job interview and land the job of your dream.

Seven ways to go green at work

April 24, 2017 23:20 pm

Everybody wants to help conserve environment. Yet, if someone asked how you’re participating in this on a daily basis, you’d probably give that person a blank stare. And if not that, you’d tell the person that you just can’t give up certain luxuries. These few ways can help you conserve environment even while at work.

Shriya Shrestha, 22, is a freelance makeup artist. She has been in the business for the past one and half years, doing various kinds of makeup, including bridal to professional photo shoots. Republica’s Prasansha Rimal caught up with Shriya to talk about her inspiration and challenges of being a makeup artist in Nepal.

Challenges at work

April 24, 2017 23:00 pm

Every work has its own hurdles to navigate. Be it an entry-level position or senior post, the challenges increase as we rise through the ranks. Republica talked to a few people about the challenges they are facing at work.

KATHMANDU, April 17: It’s over and it’s done. You might be wondering what this is about. Well, we waited 13 years for the dreaded “SLC” (now SEE) to show up at our doors, and look, how it flew by in just mere seconds of our lives. It’s over, and while some of us are enjoying our holidays to a full blast, some of us are still caught up in what to do and what not to do. Fear no more because here are eight productive things to save you from the inevitable boredom.