Nima Rumba & Style

March 29, 2009 23:06 PM

KATHMANDU, MARCH 29: “Maybe it was the age which made me conscious about my appearance. So, on a friend’s suggestion, I tried out those weird cosmetics to get rid of my pimples when I was 16 or 17 years old,’’ says pop icon Nima Rumba. [break]

He admits that he still puts on day creams to protect his brown spotless skin from pollution.

Busy with a soft drink campaign, Rumba has recently finished recording and acting in music videos of songs Ek Phera and Yo Mausam Pagal for the collection albums of two famous personalities, Binod Chaudhary, and Dr Bhola Prasad Rijal.

Rumba, a naturally healthy person, even tried his legs on morning walk. But as he loves sleeping till late hours of the morning, he dropped the idea. He justifies, “I need to work long and odd hours, so getting good sleep is important for me."

Just a couple of months back, brand conscious Rumba bought an expensive pair of shoes while returning from a concert in Israel. He remarks, “I’m a brand person but not a brand follower. So I waited for the sale and then purchased the shoes at a heavily discounted price."

In his struggling days as a musician, products available in Thamel dominated Rumba’s closet. But these days, Rumba is keen on a wide range of wardrobe, and presents himself in a manner that attracts all.

“Style is all about learning by watching what’s going around and also by window-shopping," he adds.

As a teenager, movies, music, and MTV had a huge impact on Rumba, making him a fashion connoisseur. So here are the snippets of the style commandments of Rumba as told to our correspondent Sumina Karki.


1. Everyone has a personality and style, so one should explore his or her individuality which will ultimately help in selecting proper clothes. Besides, try adding your own personal touch-ups.

2. Read fashion magazines. Nepalis lag behind in terms of fashion, so we need to catch up with the global market, and besides, there are tips for every other person in the magazines.

3. Nepali guys, being generally brown-skinned, should go for dark colors like brown, green, blue, and grayish colors. Besides, the whole world is in the mood of either off-colors or neon colors; so guys shouldn’t hesitate in experimenting with their looks.

4. Dress appropriately, suiting the place and weather. For instance, when I have to perform for a corporate audience, I dress in formals, not in the torn jeans.


1. I personally don’t believe that expensive stuffs enhance a person’s outlook all the time. Wearing expensive accessories and clothes don’t necessarily make a person look smart and elegant. Rather go for clothes which maybe inexpensive but suit you and help you look like a million-dollar baby.

2. Don’t imitate others, be it in style or behavior. I see lots of guys with dirty Korean haircuts. If you want to sport a proper Korean look, go to a salon to get an appropriate styling.

3. Wearing dresses that don’t match or blend is a blunder. So guys should avoid tight pants with loose shirt, or vice versa.

4. Accessorizing heavily will hinder one’s look. Most of us feel wearing too much jewelry is cool. For guys, a watch and two rings are enough.

(Photos by Sumina Karki.)

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