Caste-based discrimination ends a beautiful relationship

Published On: May 26, 2020 01:24 PM NPT By: LOKENDRA KHANAL and GANESH BISHU

Even a locally-elected representative was against their relationship

RUKUM/ BIRENDRANAGAR, May 26: Last year, an athletics event was organized at Chaurjahari Municipality in West Rukum. Nabaraj BK, 19, a resident of Bheri Municipality-4, had also participated in the event.

It was when the 19-year-old young man from the Dalit community met Sushma Malla, a resident of Chaurajahari Municipality-8. They fell for each other. They fell in love.

It was not easy for the couple. As the boy was from the BK family – considered as “untouchable and lower caste” – it was not easy for the couple to meet each other in the village.

However, within a year in the relationship, the couple decided to tie the nuptial knot. But it was not easy at all.

As discussed, the boy went to Sushma’s house to convince her parents last month [April]. But, as the caste-based discrimination is still deep-rooted in society, they [Sushma’s parents] didn’t agree to tie their daughter’s knot with BK.

They [the couple] didn’t care. They wanted to get married. Last Saturday, at around 10 in the evening, BK with his relatives went to Sushma’s house to take her.

But, Sushma’s family knew about the incident. They called neighbors for ‘help’. A group of neighbors arrived. Led by chairman of Chaurjahari Municipality-8 Dambar Bahadur Malla, they [neighbors] pelted stones at BK and his friends. They chased BK and his friends were swept away by the Bheri River – on the border of Jajarkot and Rukum districts.

Their [BK’s and Sushma’s] plan of getting married ended in a disaster. Just because BK was from a Dalit community, the neighbors and even the local representative were against the relationship. They [neighbors] chased BK to death.

In the incident, another Dalit boy Tikaram BK also lost his life. Four people are still missing.

Police have taken 12 people in custody for their involvement in the incident. Police have said that an investigation into the incident is underway.

It has been learnt that Sushma had visited BK’s house a week after they started their relationship. “I had told Sushma to end this relationship right now. I tried to convince them [Sushma and Nabaraj] that they are from different caste groups,” Nabaraj’s father Mohan, told Republica Online.

On Saturday, BK had told his mother Urmila that he is bringing her daughter-in-law in the house.

“My son had gone to bring his daughter-in-law. But, only his dead body came back home.”

Of the six missing after the incident, the dead bodies of three people have been found in the Bheri River. Three are still missing.

According to Inspector Dharma Singh Bista, the Bheri River swept away BK and his friends.

The kin of Nawaraj and Tikaram have not received their dead bodies. “My son had to die just because he was from a Dalit family. We will not receive the bodies unless the culprits face legal action,” said Nawaraj’s father Mohan.

The dead bodies of Nawaraj and Tikaram have been kept at the District Hospital in Jajarkot.

In connection with the incident, police have arrested 12 people including a local representative for investigation into the case.  Likewise, BK’s friends and relatives who went to Sushma’s house on Saturday also have been arrested for investigation.

Preliminary police investigation shows that two boys died because of caste-based discrimination.