My calm Moon

March 13, 2018 09:30 AM Rajeeb Shrestha

 Oh! Thee calm moon 
Walks with me in a night forlorn 
Whenever my heart is torn 
Always a step ahead in its motion 

In every destination
Oh! Thee moon 
Your silver flashings 
Fascinates me in my bracings
Though we’ve 
No relationship between us nor a friendship! 
Though we’re nothing 
Within each other, as such is our wooing 
Oh! Thy de calm lune
You’re my alms of boon!! 

My moon 
We’re so close to each other 
Still you’re so dearer 
Sometimes a sign of passion 
And sometimes a symbol of affection 
Your sparkling twilights encourages me 
To walk on the
Darker steps of my life 
Oh! Sweet moon, 
Never depart me alone!! 

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